99 Reasons to #GiveLessons

Social Campaign & Landing Page

Creative Director: Tony Seaman Copywriter: Aimee Dierbeck Social Strategy: Mike Wisniewski

A leading online guitar instruction company needed to increase monthly subscriptions and a campaign to give the brand a face lift. Their target audience — middle-aged men with disposable income didn't need convincing to take up guitar lessons, their spouse however, did. The 99 reasons to #GiveLessons would kickoff during winter holidays and continue throughout the year, peaking at gift-giving holidays.

As Art Director on the spec campaign, I modernized the company’s branding in the landing page and reflected humor and encouragement of the copy in the visuals. The landing page housed all 99 reasons and linked directly to the subscription page. This project was a great strategic collaboration between social and creative departments.

This was a spec project of Zizzo Group and all effort for this project was contracted through the company.