Creative Director: Hana Kato Copywriters: Rachel Templin & Olivia Tinsley
Producers: Starla Sheen, Ellina Stein, Nick Stubberfield Motion Graphics: Anne Clancy Design & Animation: Emily Klammer

Thrift retailer Savers® (Value Village™) wanted to encourage donations at their Community Donation Centers during the spring cleaning season. In partnership with interior design influencer and TV personality, Orlando Soria, we launched a new decluttering movement: NEAT-ish. It challenged the perfection-driven spring-cleaning process and instead, celebrates what works for you – and the planet! The four guiding Neat-isms helped spring cleaners declutter responsibly, and created weeks’ worth of NEAT-ish social content for the Savers®’ social channels.

As Art Director on the project, I developed the campaign style, design, illustration, edited image selects,
and provided oversight for animation and design

Thrift retailer Savers® (Value Village™) is a client of Edelman and all effort for this project was contracted through the company.