Producers: Starla Sheen, Nick Stubberfield
Copywriters: Rachel Templin & Olivia Tinsley Photography: Rob Biebelhauser Videographer: Tyler Kalberg
Designer: Landon Duarte Assembly & Stylists: Electric Coffin, Finch Izatt, Daisy Fulgham

Thrift retailer Savers® (Value Village™) wanted to reclaim National Thrift Shop Day and reach a younger millennials demographic. To create a campaign with social reach, we tasked 3 lifestyle influencers to reimagine a reused shipping container using only thrifted finds. During one day, the shipping container flipped interiors 3 times, showcasing the variety of thrifted application and the unique, yet modern, achievable looks.

As Art Director on the project, I developed the campaign style, design, directed the photoshoot, edited image selects, coordinated event DYI day-of and provided design oversight.

11th Annual Shorty Award Finalist

Thrift retailer Savers® (Value Village™) is a client of Edelman and all effort for this project was contracted through the company.