Copywriters: Rachel Templin Producers: Starla Sheen, Ellina Stein, Nick Stubberfield
Assembly & Sculpture: Electric Coffin Photography: Tishan Baldeo & Kae Tran Videographer: Tyler Kalberg

As a thrift retailer dedicated to reuse, Value Village™ to raise awareness of the amount of water wasted for the production of new clothing. Toronto’s Textile Tuesday during Waste Reduction Week was an opportune moment to share this message. Following previous clothing-shaped installations, Value Village gathered and sorted pre-recycling clothes to build the structure emulating water turning to waste. Graffiti Alley was chosen due to its location behind the fashion district of Toronto - a location that sheds commentary on both the subject and artistic elements of the installation. The giant pipe blended realistically with the brick wall, allowing the clothing spill to become the focal point. Incorporating compelling and shocking statistics about the state of clothing waste, we drove home the importance of shopping secondhand and keeping textiles out of the waste stream. We partnered with four sustainably-minded Toronto influencers to create content that shared the activation with their audiences. The campaign generated 8,474,794 impressions from 4 placements, 3 broadcast segments, and 62 social posts.

As Art Director on the project, I developed the event design style - creating a hand-stitched font, sorted clothing into colors, oversaw installation assembly, and directed photography and selects for same-day posting

Thrift retailer Savers® (Value Village™) is a client of Edelman and all effort for this project was contracted through the company.