Agents of Creativity

Digital Branding Campaign

Creativity is strategy meets imagination. The detective and the artist.

Creatives are our audience, They are our talent, they are our clients who hire the talent. They know creativity through and through. It is the pinnacle of why we work. Creative staffing is full of agents - catalysts, detectives and emissaries. We are the Agents of Creativity.

This campaign was intended for the largest creative staffing firm, but the campaign was abandoned before even making it to the moodboard. I resuscitated it as a spec campaign with strategy and visual direction too beautiful to never be seen.

Noir and Neon were popular around the same time. But the neon colors couldn’t be incorporated in the black and white cinematography. The neon is a stark contrast of color and playful energy that cuts through the cold darkness of noir. With contemporary settings and subjects, and color penetrating through the drama, it would achieve an effect completely unrivaled in the staffing industry.